Emily Woodward UGA grad photo on campus in athens georgia

Hi, I'm Emily. Let me introduce myself.

In a nutshell, I am a creator. As a young child, I loved crafts. From painting to making friendship bracelets to building playsets out of cardboard boxes to sewing clothing for my American Girl dolls, I loved expressing myself through creating things with my hands. As I got older, that creative energy didn't stop. Instead, it translated to making desktop backgrounds for my mom and dad's computer with the paint application and producing stop-motion videos of those same American Girl dolls to post on YouTube. Although it looks a little different today, the foundation of my creative essence remains the same; my goal is to find the best way to communicate information and identity. Whether photography, videography, graphic design, or another channel is the best vessel to communicate a piece of information, I am passionate about finding the right solution and working to create an exceptional outcome.