New Media Capstone Portfolio


The New Media Institute at the University of Georgia offers a New Media Certificate program for students.  This certificate program seeks to instill in students an understanding of new technologies, making them more “technowledgable.”  One of the classes included in the certificate program is New Media Capstone, a class where students get to combine everything that they have learned throughout their certificate journey to complete a semester-long technology project. My group was tasked with creating an updated version of an iOS app for the Peabody Awards that are housed at the University of Georgia.

At the beginning of the semester, my team was handed the Peabody Awards iOS app that a Capstone group the semester before us created. However, Peabody wanted a few changes to occur on the app before launching it on the App Store. While my team sought to make many changes, Peabody mainly wanted an easy way to update and add content to the app without having to go into the code every time that they wanted to do this. In order to do this, we integrated a WordPress backend with a live JSON feed. Some other changes that we made were the integration of a hamburger menu instead of tabs at the bottom of the screen because we believed that this would make the app more immersive. We also took out a trivia game about the Peabody Awards that the previous group had included on the app.

On the team, my specific role was that of a designer.

One of the assignments that I was responsible for was the UX Prototype. I used Photoshop and Marvel to create this. Not only did the prototype include the hamburger menu, but I also included a “Favorites” section in order to create a better user experience with the app. In the end, the “Favorites” section was not made, but it established a “reach” goal for us to strive for.

Another assignment that I was responsible for was the Visual Design Document. This document established the brand guidelines for the app. I had to keep in mind the Peabody Awards brand that has already been established to ensure that the app does not stray far from that. The Visual Design Document can be found on the Peabody Awards app website.

Overall, I developed and honed many skills throughout the entirety of this course. These skills will not only help me in the workplace, but will also help when working on group projects in the future.