The Bookshelf concept application was created with two of my peers for a final class project in the New Media Institute at UGA. We were tasked with the challenge of proposing a new app to the marketplace, complete with a brand design, promotional materials, a functional prototype of the app, a functional website, and more. Out of the discussions my team had, Bookshelf emerged. A mix between Leapfrog and Kindle, Bookshelf offers children a chance to read their favorite books and test their knowledge alongside classmates, all on a digital platform. It also provides a way for teachers and parents to check up on a child’s learning progress. While other aspects of the project were handled by my teammates, I was specifically responsible for designing the logo, the app wireframes, and the interactive prototype using the wireframes. Below, you can find our presentation explaining more about Bookshelf and the interactive prototype.

During the process of obtaining my degree in Marketing within the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, many of the courses gave students an opportunity to develop hands-on learning. One of the courses required for my degree was Social Media Marketing Strategy, which included not only learning how to best use different social media platforms, but also included learning how to develop digital campaigns and strategies, how to tailor digital marketing use for various types of companies, and how to best measure results using key performance indicators. My Spotify digital marketing plan was created for an independent project for this class. The campaign focuses on increasing the amount of paid users within the college-aged population through implementing content that engages different types of music listeners all focused on valuing wellness.

The Peabody concept app was created in collaboration with four other classmates for a semester-long class project in the New Media Institute at UGA. Our five-person team was handed the opportunity to update an app that was already in development for the Peabody Awards, which are housed at UGA. We wanted to revamp the app’s design to give users a better experience and to implement a WordPress back-end to allow for Peabody to easily add content to the app. Throughout the semester, our team held many brainstorming sessions, meetings with our contact at Peabody, and user testing groups to ensure that we included all that was needed in the app. In addition to creating the app, we produced a project website, an interactive prototype, a promotional poster and video, a brand guide, and a few other deliverables. On our team, I specifically played the role of a designer and was solely responsible for the visual brand guide, the app wireframes, and the interactive prototype.

“Come Back, Jack!” was produced alongside two other classmates for a project within the Elements of Narrative class that is included in the Entertainment & Media Studies major curriculum at UGA. Readers follow alongside the compelling story of baby Jack as he chases his beloved orange ball while his babysitter seeks to find him before his mother arrives home from work. Jack finds himself in many settings that he did not intend to get himself into, but keeps his eye on the ball throughout the entirety of his journey. This comic book was completely imagined, written, and illustrated by me and my other teammates. During each phase of the project, my role consisted of helping develop the story, storyboarding each comic panel, and helping execute and illustrate the completed comic book. Find out what fate lies for baby Jack, the babysitter, and the beloved, bouncy ball by reading below.